Zoe McLellan - Where is She Now?

April 2, 2024

Zoe McLellan is a well-known American actress who has appeared in a variety of films and television shows. She began her career in the mid-1990s and landed several minor roles in movies like Mr. Holland’s Opus and Inventing the Abbotts. However, she would find her greatest success on the small screen where she starred in a number of hit series such as JAG and NCIS: New Orleans.

After a two-season run on NCIS: New Orleans, she landed the role of Kendra Daynes in the ABC political drama Designated Survivor alongside Keifer Sutherland as President of the United States. While she was on the show for a couple of seasons, her real life was filled with turmoil and drama. The actress allegedly vanished with her son after a nasty divorce and hasn’t been seen since 2019. Now, her ex-boyfriend is speaking out and providing new details to the case.

McLellan has a wealth of experience that she can draw from to create well-rounded characters that are relatable to audiences. Her years of work have given her a confidence and self-assurance that has allowed her to take on more challenging projects. Moreover, her acting skills and ability to connect with viewers are major components of her career and contribute to her overall success.

She is also a talented singer and has a musical background that has helped her develop her craft. She has released a couple of albums and continues to use her singing voice to create unique characters on the big screen. In addition, her relationship with Gillain is a crucial part of her life and has given her the support she needs to continue pursuing her dreams.


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