Zach Bryan - When Does His New Album Come Out?

June 19, 2023

Zach Bryan is the definition of country savant. His gravelly meditations on regret are a welcome antidote to the manufactured nonsense that is much of today's radio-friendly Nashville sound. The Oklahoma-based singer has carved out his own niche in the genre, and his stoic delivery speaks to people everywhere who have lost faith in a broken world.

Bryan exercised sweeping creative license on his triple-album debut last year, American Heartbreak, sculpting 34 exceptional songs that explore the full breadth of human experience. Produced by Eddie Spear (Cody Jinks, Brandi Carlile, and Anderson East), the record is laced with creamy warmth that accentuates Bryan's vocals without overwhelming them.

Since then, he's been sharing emotive song teasers on TikTok, including the poignant "177 Chrystie" and "Tourniquet." The singer will release his next album, titled Writers & Fighters, later this year. It will follow the Summertime Blues EP and his surprise live album All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, which he released on Christmas Day in 2022.

While we don't know if the new record will be a double album like American Heartbreak or an expanded edition of his 2022 project, we can expect more of what made fans fall in love with the stoic singer in the first place. Whether it's a rousing big-room singalong or a deeply personal exploration of loss, Bryan will continue to deliver the honest, genuine country that so many crave.


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