You Are in Love Taylor Swift Meaning

February 6, 2023

you are in love taylor swift meaning

You are in love taylor swift meaning

As we all know, Taylor Swift is an extremely talented singer-songwriter with a unique gift for writing songs that perfectly capture the complex emotions of love. Her songs can make you cry, make you want to dance, and even make you feel free!

Her latest album, Midnights, was released earlier this week and her first single, "Anti-Hero," is already becoming one of her best songs. Ahead of the album's release, Taylor revealed the lyric meaning behind the song and it's truly heartbreaking!

The 'Anti-Hero' lyrics are about someone who is trying to ruin your love story. The song is so haunting, you'll be crying in no time!

'This Love'

Taylor has re-released this track as part of her effort to reclaim her master recordings. It is the second track from her fifth studio album, 1989, to be re-released since Big Machine Records sold its majority stake in the artist to Scooter Braun in June 2019.

'This Love' features a mellowed tone with clearer vocals and an indie vibe. It would be perfect to add to your wedding playlist if you're looking for a song that will touch the hearts of all of your guests!

It also features a swoon-worthy ballad that is sure to be the highlight of your wedding reception. The original version of this tune made its debut in the film Valentine's Day and was released on the platinum edition of her Fearless album in 2021.


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