You and I PVRIS Lyrics Meaning

January 31, 2024

PVRIS, the band led by singer Lynn Gunn, is renowned for their ability to capture emotions in their music. The band’s emotionally charged lyrics and haunting melodies have earned them a devoted fanbase. They’ve explored everything from chronic illness to broken relationships and hallucinations, and they’re not afraid to tackle the hard topics. In their new album, Use Me, the band explores themes of love and loss.

The song you and i pvris lyrics meaning focuses on the complexity of a relationship, specifically a long-distance one. Gunn expresses the desire to be together despite the distance, and she wants to “meet in the middle where bodies and souls collide”. It’s an awe-inducing song that evokes feelings of longing and hope.

In addition, the song’s poetic imagery adds depth to the overall feeling of the song. The line, “singin’ in the moonlight where all the stars align”, is a beautiful metaphor for bringing people together despite their differences.

Gunn also explores the idea of letting go of negative influences in her life on this track. She wants to “set herself free of all the people who just don’t align with where I’m at”, a common theme in her music.

The song’s ethereal sound and captivating vocals combine to create an awe-inducing experience for listeners. It’s a perfect way to ease into the album and experience the full range of emotions that PVRIS has to offer. You can find the song on Spotify and iTunes.


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