You All Over Me - Taylor Swift Meaning

March 7, 2023

you all over me taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated female artists in the music industry. She has won two Grammy Awards, won the Billboard Artist of the Year award three times and was named one of the best-selling artists of all time by Guinness World Records in 2017.

Midnights is her tenth studio album and it has just officially been released on October 21 at midnight. It has a lot of lyrical hints and Easter eggs that are sure to delight fans.

You All Over Me taylor swift meaning: This song was originally written with the rest of her Fearless album back in 2008, but it was never released until now. This is one of six songs that will be featured on the "From the Vault" version of her new album, Fearless (Taylor's Version).

The first verse tells a heartbreaking story about Taylor’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She was smitten by him right from the beginning, and for a while, they were very much in love. However, something happened that caused the relationship to go sour and Taylor ended up getting burned by her former boyfriend.

She is not able to forget about him no matter how hard she tries, and this makes her feel very sad. The lyrics also suggest that the singer is still in love with her ex and wants to be in a relationship with him again.

This track is one of the most heartbreaking taylor swift songs ever, and it is definitely something that will make Taylor fans cry. Her lyrical ability to convey her feelings is truly remarkable, and this song is a reminder of that.


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