Woman Left For Dead On Rural Whitman County Road Can Walk And Talk

September 24, 2023

UPDATE: Woman Left For Dead On Rural Whitman County Road Can Walk And Talk

Kristen Grindley was found oblivious and severely injured by a passerby on Pullman-Albion Road the night she was left for dead. The 23-year-old WSU graduate suffered multiple skull fractures, broken bones, and a head injury. She has since regained much of her memory of the night she was left for dead.

In an exclusive interview with KREM, she talks about the experience. "I remember trying to get into my then boyfriend's truck and he was just blowing off steam or something," she says. Prosecutors alleged Pasma either pushed her or saw her fall from the truck and should have alerted medical authorities.

Grindley has a long road ahead of her, but she says she's doing well and she hopes the experience will help other victims of domestic abuse. She plans to volunteer with a group that helps domestic violence victims.

In the meantime, she is spending time with her family. "She's doing really well, but she's still not 100%," her father Rick Grindley told KREM. "But she's walking and talking and just getting better every day." Pasma has been sentenced to nine months in jail for the hit-and-run. At his sentencing, he apologized to the Grindleys for their loss. His parents also addressed the court on his behalf. The judge said that because Kristen was left so badly injured it was necessary to get him the maximum amount of jail time possible.


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