Willow - Taylor Swift Meaning

February 6, 2023

willow taylor swift meaning

Willow is the lead single from Taylor Swift's surprise album evermore, which she released one day before its release on December 11, 2020. This "sister record" to Folklore was written with producer Aaron Dessner and features a more bare-bones approach than her previous music.

'Willow' is an upbeat song about getting over a heartbreak, but it's also about the complexity of wanting someone. The lyrics are incredibly frank and are widely applicable to people who have ever had to give up on a person or something that once brought them comfort.

The video is a fairytale journey that takes viewers from the past to present as they follow a golden thread through different times in their lives. The thread ties the moments together in a magical way and leads them back to each other.

In the beginning, Taylor is soaking wet and sitting in front of a piano, where she finds a golden thread. She follows it into a forest and finds herself surrounded by people. However, her reflection is missing.

She then ends up in a tent with a man, who she's also seen in the video as a child. They play with the thread, but then suddenly he disappears.

There are a few subtle references to the "Reputation" album in this scene as well. During the live YouTube premiere, Taylor teased that this scene represents her feelings about fame.

Throughout the video, Taylor's hair and outfit resemble her 'Love Story' aesthetic from Fearless while the glass box she's in symbolizes how she feels about fame. The song is also a reference to Folklore's 'Mirrorball', where Taylor sings about feeling like a disco ball spinning above the crowd for everyone to see.


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