Willie Garson Net Worth

January 22, 2024

The news that actor willie garson had died sparked an outpouring of love and respect from fans and fellow actors. Many took to social media to pay their respects to the beloved star, who was best known for his starring role on Sex and the City as Stanford Blatch. His flamboyant style and chemistry with Carrie Bradshaw made him a fan-favorite, so it’s no surprise that he amassed such an impressive career and net worth over the years.

Garson was born in 1964 and cultivated his acting skills at prestigious institutions like Wesleyan University and Yale Drama School. He was active in the entertainment industry from 1986 until his death in 2021. During that time, he gave many note-worthy performances on the big and small screen. In addition to Sex and the City, Garson also starred in NYPD Blue as Henry Coffield, Mr. Belvedere, Girl Meets World, Monk, Ally McBeal, and many more TV shows. He also appeared in films such as Fever Pitch, There’s Something About Mary, Jackass Number Two, Labor Pains, Out Cold, and more.

Garson remained private about his personal life, but did adopt a son in 2009. He reportedly kept a low profile off screen and was very dedicated to his work. He was an advocate for adoption and founded the You Gotta Believe foundation, which aims to find permanent homes for older foster children. He was a true professional who left an incredible legacy, both in the entertainment industry and beyond.


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