Willa Holland Net Worth - How Much is Willa Holland Worth?

November 20, 2023

Having started her acting career at the age of seven, Willa Holland has worked hard to get where she is today. The young actress has been part of a lot of movies and TV shows. She has also been a model for brands like Guess and Ralph Lauren. The talented star is also known as the voice of Aqua in Kingdom Hearts.

The American actress has amassed a huge following on social media thanks to her Instagram posts and pictures of her family and friends. As of now, she has a total of 417 thousand followers on her account. Her latest photo is a picture of her holding a puppy. In the caption, she says “Sooo excited to be bringing home my baby.”

This will be Holland’s first puppy. The actor is very close to her family and loves spending time with them. In the past, she has posted photos of herself with her mother and sister.

Holland started her acting career in 2006. She appeared in a few television series and films including “Ordinary Madness,” “The Garden Party,” and “Halfway to Nowhere.” In 2008, she got a role as April on the show “Gossip Girl,” which boosted her fame. Later, she starred in the TV show “Arrow” as Thea Queen for 132 episodes.

The young star is a huge supporter of environmental causes and has participated in several beach clean-up events. She has a great future ahead of her and is likely to amass even more wealth with her continued dedication to her work.


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