Why Is Apple Music So Quiet? Tips to Boost Your Volume

July 9, 2024

If you're experiencing low audio volume on your iPhone SE 2, even with lossless and Atmos features enabled, you’re not alone. Many users have noted that while music videos play at normal volumes, audio tracks in Apple Music can seem inexplicably quiet. You may have tried different headphones, both over-ear and in-ear, but the problem persists. It's worth considering that a setting change may be the culprit. In this article, we’ll discuss why Apple Music sounds so quiet and how to improve your listening experience.

Why is Apple Music So Quiet?

One key feature that can affect volume is Sound Check. Apple Music's Sound Check adjusts the loudness between different songs to ensure they play at similar volumes. While this feature aims to provide a consistent audio experience, it can sometimes make songs quieter than expected. To check if Sound Check is the cause, simply follow these instructions on your device:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Music, and toggle Sound Check on or off.
  • On your Mac, open Apple Music, go to Preferences > Playback, and adjust the Sound Check setting.

Disabling Sound Check may help normalize the volume of your tracks, solving the issue for many users.

Other Solutions for Low Volume in Apple Music on iPhone SE 2

Besides Sound Check, other steps can help address the low volume issue in Apple Music:

Media Volume and Settings:

Start by checking the media volume on your iPhone. Ensure it is turned up all the way in the Control Center and Sound & Haptics settings. An overlooked silent mode or Do Not Disturb setting might also be lowering your volume inadvertently.

App Updates:

Make sure your Apple Music app is up-to-date. Open the App Store and check for any available updates for the app. Keeping your apps current ensures that any bugs or issues are addressed.

Headphone Safety:

Headphone safety features can limit volume levels to protect your hearing. Turn off the headphone safety settings to see if your volume improves. You can find this option under Settings > Sound & Haptics > Headphone Safety.

Restart and Update:

If the issue persists, try force quitting and relaunching the Apple Music app, or even force restarting your iPhone. Sometimes, a simple reboot can resolve glitches. Lastly, ensure your iPhone is running the latest iOS version by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.

Why is Apple Music So Quiet? Solving the Mystery

Still puzzled by why Apple Music is so quiet? Sometimes, an issue may lie with individual albums or tracks. Users have reported that songs transferred from older devices or platforms may have inconsistent volume levels when played through the Music app. Checking your music files with a different media player can verify if this is the case. If they play at the same volume elsewhere, the problem likely resides within Apple Music's playback settings.

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David Sunnyside

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