Who Is Van Lathan?

November 18, 2023

Van Lathan is an established host and media personality with a lot of clout, thanks to his booming podcast The Red Pill. His witty commentary and insightful interviews with celebrities garner a large following. He was born in Baton Rouge and currently resides in Los Angeles. The former TMZ senior producer shot to fame after his infamous disagreement with Kanye West over the rapper’s ‘slavery was a choice’ comment, which aired live on TV. He has since left TMZ and is continuing to build his brand and expand his career in the media world.

He hosts the weekly podcast Higher Learning alongside Rachel Lindsay to discuss the latest in Black culture, politics, and sports. Lathan and Lindsay explore a variety of topics including police brutality, social justice, and more. The duo also crossed over into film, releasing the Oscar-winning short Two Distant Strangers, which looks at the issue of African Americans dying during encounters with police officers.

Lathan has been in the media industry for more than a decade. He started out as a field camera technician, but soon got noticed by the TMZ founder Harvey Robert Levin for his talent and dedication to his work. He began working on the TMZ Celebrity Tour, where he took tourists around Hollywood sites in a branded TMZ bus. He quickly worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming a senior producer.

Despite his brash opinions, Van Lathan is quite private when it comes to his personal life. He has never spoken about his relationship status and does not give out details of his family. However, he does share his weight loss journey on a regular basis with a humorous and inspiring tone.


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