Who Is Sarah Jay?

February 13, 2023

Who Is sarah jay

Who Is sarah jay?

Sarah Jay is a physical therapist who believes that rehab should be a team effort and empowers her patients to be active in their recovery process. She is committed to empowering her patients to move better, get back to what they love, and improve their quality of life.

A passionate advocate for product safety, labelling efficacy and conservation, Sarah’s research and investigation into the cosmetic industry led to TOXIC BEAUTY, her first feature-length documentary, which was released in the US and prompted Johnson & Johnson to discontinue their sale of perineal talc powder to consumers worldwide. She is currently working to illuminate and eliminate undisclosed animal ingredients in supply chains for the benefit of all earthlings.

Her work focusing on the health impacts of consumer exposure to chemicals in the cosmetics industry has resulted in several successful initiatives to educate consumers about product toxicity and reduce the use of harmful products such as talc-based baby powder. Sarah has received a number of accolades for her work, including two nominations for the Canadian Art and Fashion Awards’ Fashion Impact Award in 2019 and 2020.

She is also a Data Inquiry Facilitator for the Boston Public Schools, where she works with teacher leaders to build their capacity in using data wisely and to enrich their teaching practice. She holds a Master's degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from Teachers College and a principal license through the Principal Residency Network (Center for Collaborative Education).

Her passion to nurture fashion’s responsible innovations internationally has led to her role as associate producer of The Green Shows NY, fashion director of the Green Living Show and consultant to a growing number of independent designers and SMEs in the fashion, food and beauty sectors. In 2018, she produced the Farm to Fashion Show as part of the Regenerative Earth Summit in Colorado – a first-of-its-kind event curated to showcase fibres grown through regenerative agriculture.


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