White Braids and Pillow Chair Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

white braids and pillow chair lyrics meaning

A closeup of the white braids and pillow chair on display at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. It's not every day you see a celebrity in the flesh let alone one with such a high profile and a penchant for fine dining.

The band's latest sextet is no stranger to the recording booth, but they have been known to take in a good meal at a bar or two on occasion. They have also been known to make the occasional foray into esoteric territory, so they're not the worst behaved band you'll find in the LA area. The band owes its recent successes to a healthy dose of chutzpah and a few lucky breaks, so you might find the oddball outpost in a city crowded with neophytes to the art form.


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