Where to Get Fowl Genshin Impact

July 10, 2023

The latest open world RPG from HoYoverse, Genshin Impact has a huge number of resources and materials players can collect. Moreover, it also has a rich cooking system with various recipes players can use to recover HP or temporarily increase other stats before a big battle. Despite that, there are a lot of ingredients players need to gather in order to craft these dishes. One such ingredient is Fowl which can be collected from a variety of wild animals in the game.

This article will show you where to get fowl genshin impact and how to farm it as well. Fowl is a Cooking Ingredient that can be obtained by hunting birds, purchasing it from vendors, or receiving it as a reward from certain expedition quests. This is particularly important since a large portion of the game's recipe require Fowl as part of their recipe.

There are several ways to acquire Fowl in Genshin Impact, the most common of which is by killing wild birds found in the open world. Small birds like Crows and Pigeons drop a single unit of Fowl, while larger birds like Red Vultures will drop up to three units. The best way to kill these wild birds is with a bow character because it will be easier for you to eliminate them before they can run away.

If you're not comfortable killing wild birds, there are two merchants who sell Fowl in the game. The first is Draff who is located in Springvale, Mondstadt and the second is Ashpazi in Gandharva Ville, Sumeru. Both merchants have limited stock of Fowl and will restock it at the end of each day.


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