Where to Buy 278 Conduits in World of Warcraft

July 10, 2023

The gear in World of Warcraft has received a huge power boost this season. When you run dungeons, raid, or kill the Fated raid boss you’ll get significantly stronger equipment as a reward. To make up for this increase in power, the Conduit upgrade items that are required to use those stronger powers have been raised as well.

In Patch 9.2 Blizzard introduced the Vessel of Profound Possibilities, a new item that allows you to raise all your conduits to Item Level 278. This is a big increase over the previous limit of 226. This upgrade isn’t easy to obtain though. The fastest way to unlock it is to complete the majority of the Zereth Mortis storyline, but that can be a long grind for some players. The second best option is to achieve one of the harder achievements, like Keystone Hero or Mythic Sepulcher.

There are two other ways to unlock it though, both of which involve spending 10k flux. The first is to purchase it from a quartermaster. The other is to complete the Fated Raids in normal, heroic, or mythic difficulty.

In order to do the latter you’ll need to reach Exalted with the Enlightened faction and have at least the basic version of the Conduit Upgrade Item, Soultwining Crescent, equipped. Once you do, this will allow you to unlock all the upgrades on all your conduits at once. You can then use them to level up the powers on any class in your roster.


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