Where is Youssef Khater Now 2022?

September 7, 2023

Youssef Khater, the conceited marathon runner featured in Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever, has been misleading individuals for quite some time across South America and Denmark. He’s been charged with a number of offenses including theft, forgery and attempted murder. He’s also been convicted of fraud and has taken on many false identities.

Despite his numerous schemes, he’s managed to avoid arrest and jail for a very long time. He was last reported to be living in Hjorring, a small town located about 5 hours from Copenhagen by car. Youssef has been known to use the aliases of Joseph Carter and Josef Maria.

He’s been known to seduce women and steal their money. He also threatens to reveal private information if they don’t pay him. This has made some of his victims want to track him down, but they’ve been unsuccessful.

After being released from prison, he’s been reported to have stayed on the move. In 2015, Texas Monthly claimed that he’d been using the alias of Josef Maria and running in the 20th Marathon Costa Rica.

In addition, the infamous scammer was also arrested back in 2009 for arson, embezzlement and fraud. He’d served 10 years in the Danish Marines before being dishonourably discharged for fraud at the age of 28. Flanders and Taylor would later combine their efforts to try to cut him down, launching a website that listed every report on Youssef. The site is still up today, though it’s rarely updated since Flanders’ death.


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