Where is Yaya of Small Laude Now?

September 8, 2023

In a world where the mystique of socialites is being unraveled by paparazzi, Instagram feeds, and YouTube vlogs, there are still some who can keep their lives closed off. This may be due to their age, skepticism of the public eye or the simple fact that their fortune isn't as open as most. However, they remain the master of their own destiny.

One of these people is Small Laude, a socialite who has carved a niche for herself as an online influencer. Her vlogs on her ig account and her Metro Channel show "It's A Small World" have garnered her a cult following. Her endorsements include a ready-to-assemble furniture brand, an electronics giant, a detergent, and a sports drink.

Her philanthropic work is also well-documented through her various charity projects with celebrities like Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff. She's even a Belo Baby, making her the billboard for their latest anti-aging and face sculpting procedure.

The socialite's family is wealthy as well. Her husband Philip Laude is a scion of the Candyman group, which includes brands such as Kendi Mint and White Rabbit. She and her siblings also inherited a printing business and brokerage firm from their mother. They now reside in an Ed Calma home with their four children, including PJ and Allison.

As a result of her wealth, the socialite travels often. She can be seen on a number of international vlogs with her daughter. She's also a fixture in the local party scene, rubbing shoulders with personalities such as Vicki Belo and Karen Davila.


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