Where is Treasure Richards Now?

March 14, 2024

Last week, a 16-year-old black girl named Treasure Richards appeared on Dr. Phil and began hurling racial slurs at black people, saying things like “they’re all ugly gorillas.” The segment quickly went viral, with many people mocking the girl on social media.

The girl’s mother, Monique Richards, and her brother Kendal Richards also appeared on the show and defended their daughter. They told Dr. Phil that the teen was mentally ill and that her beliefs stemmed from being raised by their white step-father. The family’s story was met with widespread skepticism. Many thought that the whole thing was a scam, possibly an attempt to achieve viral fame similar to Danielle Bregoli of Cash Me Outside fame.

Despite skepticism, the episode aired and prompted the mother to file for custody of her child. It is unclear if the court has approved the custody request. However, Treasure’s sister has been speaking out against her, and she claims that the entire situation is a hoax.

In an Instagram live video posted to her ninakimberly_ account, Treasure’s sister Nina claims that her mom and siblings were all part of the hoax because they wanted notoriety and a free vacation. She also claimed that her sister doesn’t hate black people and says that her Facebook page proves it, showing photos of her with black friends and writing in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nina also slammed Dr. Phil for allegedly not performing enough background research on the girl before having her on his show.


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