Where Is The Celebrity Summit Now?

March 16, 2024

Where Is The Celebrity Summit Now

Aboard the Millennium Class cruise ship, guests on a Celebrity Summit cruise enjoy a sophisticated yet fun experience. Whether you're enjoying a cocktail in the new Sunset Bar, or in the Normandie Restaurant, with original panels and ornamentation from the SS Normandie, five-course meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs inspire your senses.

For those who enjoy a bit of gambling, Celebrity has added more slot machines and a sleek new casino design. In addition, a revamped version of the Normandie Restaurant now offers a more casual country club atmosphere and al fresco dining with incredible views.

When it's time to relax, the redesigned Aquadome and Riviera offer 4 swimming pools (including an outdoor pool with a retractable roof), 2 air beds, 6 whirlpools, a bandstand, dance floor, and plenty of sun loungers for post-swim relaxation. In addition, the spa features a stunning new design and is home to a wide range of rejuvenating treatments.

The main dining room, decorated with glimmering crystal glasses and exquisite china, is the perfect setting for an endless array of culinary delights. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner - many of which have been created by a Michelin-starred chef. Those who enjoy wine will appreciate the extensive list of premium wines that is served in the Normandie Restaurant.

In the evening, guests enjoy spectacular entertainment by world-renowned artists and performers. From the contagious wit of comedians to mesmerizing musical journeys, there is something to satisfy all tastes. You can also keep up with your workout routine in the fully equipped fitness center, and enjoy the convenience of a new internet cafe.


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