Where is the Band Perry Now?

March 13, 2024

Kimberly Perry isn't only prepping for her first child to arrive in August. The 39-year-old singer/songwriter is also busy promoting her solo project, Bloom, which drops on June 9. She's already shared the title of one of the tracks, "If I Die Young Pt. 2," a reinterpretation of her former band's 2010 breakthrough hit.

She's also been busy catching up with her fellow Band Perry siblings, Reid and Neil, and enjoying some much-needed family time. The sibling trio last appeared together in 2021, when they took the stage at Rodeo Houston.

Earlier this year, Perry announced that she had signed to Columbia Records Nashville as a solo artist. She made the announcement with a nine-image collage displayed across her Instagram grid. She's now gearing up to release her debut EP, which will drop on June 9, and she's also looking forward to getting back into the swing of touring after taking some time off during her pregnancy.

In the years after their second country album, Pioneer, The Band Perry decided to leave the genre for a brief spell. While many fans were shocked by their decision, the siblings made it clear that they had good reason to step away from the country scene. The emergence of bro-country by groups like Florida Georgia Line had left them feeling stifled creatively.

The move to a pop sound ushered in the Coordinates era for the group, but despite a full reinvention of their style and image, it didn't quite take off. That's when they decided to break up the band and begin a solo career.


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