Where Is Terrah Christine Brown Today?

April 6, 2023

Where Is Terrah Christine Brown Today?

After 27 years of marriage, Sister Wives star Christine and husband Kody announced their divorce last November. Fans watched as the reality couple discussed their split and where they would live following the separation during the Season 17 premiere of the show. Christine Brown, sometimes called a QUEEN of Reinvention, a fashion and jewelry lover and fitness enthusiast, who first leaves the family. And, kinda became a social media star found doing tiktok and keeping herself busy.

As of late, the reality star has been focused on her new career as a single woman and filming kitchen projects for TLC's Cooking With Just Christine. She also sold the land on Coyote Pass that she and her family had purchased in Fort Valley, Arizona, according to Us Weekly.

Her Past

Dusty, the infamous "Dusty Brown," was convicted of Conspiracy to Murder in 1983 for the death of her son Chris Randall Brown and spent a long time in prison. She was eventually released from federal prison on September 13, 1989.

She moved to Little Rock, Arkansas as recently as 2007. In 2007 she stopped reporting to her parole officer and there is now an active warrant out for her arrest.

During her time in prison, she became pregnant with a child. The baby, who was born in Illinois, was taken to California and adopted by a couple.

The mother of this child is now a member of a victims' rights group. She never fully recovered from the ordeal and still blames herself for her son's death.

The shocking family connection to a killer cult comes from the fact that Ervil Allred's daughter, Anna LeBaron, is Christine's second cousin. And, based on the details that emerged about this family, it looks like Ervil was a bloodthirsty cult leader who killed numerous people.


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