Where is Techno Viking Now?

January 26, 2024

Almost two decades ago, at the 2000 Fuckparade in Berlin, Germany, something amazing happened. A topless man was filmed dancing in public and soon became a viral sensation. The man was dubbed the Techno Viking and his story is the epitome of the Internet's fascination with bizarre situations, people, and events.

The video was filmed by Matthias Fritsch, an experimental video artist. He was filming a variety of things at the event and eventually stumbled upon this topless guy in a group of men and women dancing on the street. Fritsch pointed the camera at him and captured his reaction. The four-minute clip features the muscle-bound man averting harm by confronting the male in front of him, pointing his finger at him, and then kicking his body into high gear, moving to the beat of the techno music that's playing.

Fritsch uploaded the video on YouTube and it was a huge hit, garnering millions of views and plenty of reposted variants. However, the person featured in the footage did not take his sudden fame kindly and demanded that Fritsch cease and desist all use of his image and name.

He also demanded payment for the use of his image. Fritsch refused to comply and was later sued by the 'guy' for image rights violations, costing him EUR23,000 in damages and fees. The court ruled in favor of the unnamed man and Fritsch was forced to remove all images/videos of him from the internet.


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