Where is Tanya Mitchell Today?

January 24, 2024

From 1999 to 2002, Mitchell was an active pop singer. She released one album and performed as the opening act during the NSYNC Pop Odyssey stadium tour. Then things started to go downhill, with Mitchell falling out of favor with her record label. Her father Cowboy Louie died, and she began to suffer from depression.

After years of abuse, Mitchell decided to kill her husband in October 2013. Her story was featured in the 2013 film The Perfect Victim, which chronicled her entanglement with the criminal justice system and the fact that she had nowhere else to turn for help. Despite her crime, she wanted to make it clear that not all victims of domestic violence should resort to murder.

Now, Mitchell is a private attorney. She is also a public speaker on topics of family law, entertainment law, and diversity & inclusion. She has spoken at several venues, including the ULI/Project REAP 2020 cohort and YW Boston’s Advocacy Committee.

In addition to her private practice, Mitchell is a Professor of Music at Penn State University. She teaches in the Division of Dental Hygiene, and she has been involved with community service activities at various levels. She has presented at local, regional, national and international conferences. She is also an author of articles and a book chapter. She is an elected member of the American Dental Hygiene Association Board of Directors, and she has served as a guest conductor.


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