Where is Suzanne Delisle Now?

March 18, 2024

Where is suzanne delisle now

The day after the 1989 high-profile trial, in which rescue divers pulled the bodies of Lawrence DeLisle’s four children from the Detroit River, police alleged that he had confessed to driving his station wagon through a barrier and into the water to kill them. The confession was suppressed, but the media widely reported on it and several prospective jurors stated that they had heard about it.

On appeal, DeLisle argued that these press reports violated his due process rights, among other things. He claimed that the court’s refusal to release the tapes and transcript of his alleged confession, on the grounds that doing so would not pose any “potential risk” to a fair trial, constituted a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Rather than argue that this was true, the appellate court dismissed his claim. In the end, he was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences.

He remained silent for 25 years until WWJ’s Roberta Jasina reached out to him from prison on the occasion of the anniversary of the drownings. He responded, in a letter, that no one will believe his version of events.

Sue is survived by her husband, Richard, of Wautoma, WI; children Sharon (Ron Hustvedt) of Ramsey MN and Kevin DeLisle of Port Washington, WI; granddaughters Violet and Drake; brothers and sisters; as well as numerous other relatives. She enjoyed traveling and loved all forms of needlework and taught Hardanger, Brazilian Embroidery, and Swedish Weaving at Rincon Country West RV resort in Tucson each winter for three months at a time. She was a member of the Arts Crafts & Sewing group at the camp and also volunteered there.


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