Where is Steven Assanti Now?

September 7, 2023

When it comes to reality TV, many of the stars are known to go on to lead lives that are quite different from how they were before appearing on the show. Some of them lose a lot of weight, while others go on to struggle with addictions and other issues in the future. Then, there are those who do just fine after the show.

One of the stars who did just fine after appearing on My 600-Lb Life is Steven Assanti, who managed to lose a lot of weight and get his life back on track. He even went on to become a motivational speaker and help people with their own struggles. However, he is also very private about his life and has almost disappeared after the show ended. Nevertheless, people continue to search for him because of his weight complications.

After the show, Steven Assanti vowed to stick to the diet designed for him by Dr. Now and move to Iowa, which is where his wife lives. He also said that he had met someone special named Stephanie and they had started dating. They then got married in 2018.

Steven Assanti and his wife, Stephanie Sanger, are not very active on social media and have been largely silent after the wedding. The last photo posted by them was on Facebook, but that has since been deleted. Sanger has a TikTok account but does not share much about her relationship with Assanti on it.


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