Where is Smokey Nagata Now?

September 7, 2023

Despite swirling rumors of his death, Smokey Nagata is alive and well. He continues to engineer and push the limits of automotive technology at his company Top Secret. He is a pioneer in the field of automotive engineering, and he has shown us that boundaries are meant to be pushed, and records are meant to be broken.

The car tuning revolutionary was born in 1964 as Kazuhiko Nagata in the small village of Hokkaido. He grew up on farmland and didn’t see many cars, but from the very beginning, he had a great passion for machinery and developed a love for modifying vehicles. He started working on small engines at home and discovered a natural talent for engineering. He began his career as a mechanic at Toyota and later honed his driving skills in the mountainous roads of his hometown before moving to Tokyo to work on specialized race cars for professional level drift and circuit racing.

It was here that he would create his first world-renowned vehicles, the Top Secret Supra and the GT-R. These were the two cars that drew global attention to Nagata’s incredible tuning and modification skills. He has also worked with other racers and enthusiasts to improve their cars for better performance.

Although he doesn’t speak much, Smokey Nagata is still alive and kicking today. His net worth is unknown, but he earns enough from his business and has a steady flow of money through the sponsors he gets for his company. He also has a wonderful selection of his own cars.


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