Where is Skylar Richardson Now?

September 7, 2023

A teen cheerleader who killed her stillborn baby and buried her in the yard of her parents’ Ohio home has been released from probation two years early. Brooke Skylar Richardson, 23, filed a motion to have her felony conviction sealed, but Warren County prosecutors fought back against her request.

In May 2017, Richardson reportedly attended her school prom with her boyfriend, who was not her baby’s father. She later left the event due to severe cramps and hid her pregnancy from her family until she was nearly eight months along. She told her gynecologist she had been experiencing symptoms, and the doctor gave her birth control pills to stop the pregnancy.

But the pills didn’t work and Richardson subsequently buried her daughter, Annabelle, in the yard of her parent’s house. She was convicted of gross abuse of a corpse in September 2019 after an intense trial.

While the judge at her hearing didn’t agree with the motion to seal her records, he did approve Richardson’s early release from community control. He said he had seen nothing that led him to believe she would commit another crime, FOX19 reported.

Despite her early release, Richardson claims she is struggling with mental health issues. She says she suffers from PTSD, severe depression and debilitating flashbacks. She also misses her daughter. The former Carlisle high school cheerleader lives with her parents and brother in the small town of Carlisle, Ohio. She works for the law firm that represented her during her case.


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