Where is Sherry Dorsey Now?

September 8, 2023

When Sidney Dorsey lost the DeKalb County sheriff's race to Derwin Brown in 2000, he didn't just hand over the job. He arranged the murder of his rival. He hired the men who shot 46-year-old Brown 12 times, promising them promotions and jobs if they did it. He wanted his opponent dead to prevent him from cleaning up corruption in the sheriff's office that Dorsey had overseen.

Now, Dorsey is serving a life sentence for murder and 23 years on racketeering charges related to the shooting. He's in a state prison in Georgia.

The prosecutor argued that Dorsey used the sheriff's department to run his private security business, SID Inc., during sheriff's department work hours. He also ordered officers to perform personal errands for him, such as fixing his car or driving to Tennessee to unlock his daughter's door.

At one point, he even asked Dorsey to sign documents for him during his term as sheriff, and then later changed his mind. "Why did you sign those documents, sir?" the prosecutor asked.

Sherry Walker, who was a councilwoman for Wilmington, Delaware's 6th District from 2018 to 2019, is running for lieutenant governor. Her campaign platform focuses on affordable housing, access to quality education and criminal justice reform. She's also a member of the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus and sponsored a constitutional amendment adding people of color as a protected class in the state of Delaware. She also runs a program promoting self-confidence and leadership among young people in the community, as well as a basketball league that helps juvenile offenders develop their skills.


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