Where is Shasta Groene Now?

January 20, 2024

When she was 8, Shasta Groene made headlines as the lone survivor of a brutal murder and kidnapping case in Idaho. Her mother, stepfather and brother were murdered in front of her by a registered sex offender and serial killer named Joseph Duncan III. He took Shasta and her younger brother Dylan captive, abused them for weeks and then murdered the nine-year-old boy.

Groene was rescued 48 days after the horrific event in a Coeur d’Alene restaurant. Her family’s story was the basis for a television special that was shown in 2005.

Since then, the young girl has worked to overcome the psychological trauma of the ordeal. Today, she is a contentedly married woman with two children, both under the age of 10. She also works as a housekeeper. She wears her hair in long colorful braids and has body art, piercings and enjoys a monthly subscription box of beauty products. But her real beauty comes from within.

Nevertheless, Groene has faced challenges in her personal life as well. In April, she was charged with endangering a 1-year-old child by leaving methamphetamine in close proximity that the baby could have ingested.

Moreover, she has been engaged in a legal battle with the trustees who oversee her trust. They want to evict her father, Steve Groene, who is living in the home that was built with donations from community members more than a decade ago. The trustees claim they must sell the house to continue supporting Groene, who receives less than $1,000 a month in disability payments. In a court filing, Groene claims the trustees have mismanaged funds and accused them of causing his daughter financial harm.


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