Where is Shane Ragland Now?

September 7, 2023

When Trent DiGiuro and Shane Ragland enrolled at the University of Kentucky, they were filled with dreams of success. But when Trent was gunned down at a house party, the murder uncovered an unfathomable story of rejection and revenge. Oxygen’s new series, “Dying to Belong,” revisits the case and reveals how two promising young men lost their lives.

In January 2000, police received a phone call from a Lexington lawyer who said he had a client with information in the case of the walk-on lineman’s death. The lawyer revealed his client was a former girlfriend of Ragland’s, Aimee Lloyd, who told police that her ex-boyfriend had confessed to killing Trent. Lloyd was terrified of what would happen to her if Shane found out she helped the police and she kept the secret for years.

After the confession, police were able to build a strong enough case that convinced a jury to convict him of first-degree murder. But the conviction was overturned after Ragland used his high-priced legal team to argue that the prosecution’s key witness wasn’t reliable.

Now, nearly two decades after the murder, Ragland is back in court again. Christie Allen, the mother of his children, has filed a request for a protective order against him. She claims she’s been threatened and has seen bruises on her kids’ arms after spending weekends with Ragland. A Jefferson County judge says she’ll consider a domestic violence protective order after an investigation by Child Protective Services.


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