Where Is Scott Frost Now?

September 6, 2023

Scott Frost has made a huge contribution to the football world. He is an incredibly talented coach, and many fans are wondering what will happen next for him. Whether he decides to continue coaching or explore other professional routes, there is no doubt that Frost will bring his enthusiasm and dedication to whatever he chooses.

Where Is Scott Frost Now

It is unclear exactly where Scott Frost is now, but it is likely that he is not actively seeking new coaching opportunities. There have been reports that he has been coaching high school football, but there has been no official confirmation of this. It is possible that the firing from Nebraska motivated him to take a break and reevaluate his career options.

His current residence is unknown, but it is likely that he is in the state of Arizona. He was previously the head coach of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, and his firing in September 2022 shocked fans and experts alike. It has been rumored that Frost may be interested in coaching the Miami Hurricanes, but it is not known whether these rumors have any credibility.

Scott Frost is married to Ashley Neidhardt Frost, and they have three children together. She is a former cheerleader from the University of Nebraska and has been a constant source of support for her husband throughout his football career. She has attended many of Scott’s games and is a devoted wife and mother.


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