Where Is Scott Frost Now: Navigating Future Prospects

May 20, 2024

Scott Frost, age 49, is currently out of a job but eager to return to coaching. He is in a period of uncertainty about his next professional steps. Despite professional challenges, Frost is not bitter about his past and is focused on the present and future. He values his time spent with family and is enjoying life in Scottsdale with his three young children.

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Past Achievements

Frost received multiple coaching honors after leading UCF to an undefeated season and a New Year's Six bowl win over Auburn in 2017.

Tenure at Nebraska

Frost returned to his alma mater, Nebraska, hoping to revitalize the football program. Despite high expectations, his tenure was marked by disappointment, culminating in a 16-31 record and his eventual firing in 2022 after a 1-2 start.

Nebraska has cycled through several athletic directors and school presidents during Frost's time, reflecting a period of instability in the program.

Future Prospects

Frost is open to various coaching opportunities, whether as a head coach or a coordinator. He has the financial flexibility to be selective due to the $15 million buyout from Nebraska.

Notable Coaching Philosophy and Experience

Frost believes in developing young talent, having recruited quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota and Justin Herbert during his tenure at Oregon. Despite his mediocre performance at Nebraska, Frost's previous successes illustrate his potential as a good coach.

Nebraska Football Context

Nebraska's struggles under multiple coaches since joining the Big Ten in 2011 reflect the challenges the program has faced in maintaining a consistent winning identity and adapting to modern football.

Changes in College Football

The landscape has evolved significantly with the implementation of the one-time transfer rule and the rise of name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals. Frost acknowledges these changes, indicating a shift towards a more intensive, year-round approach to coaching and recruiting.

Reflection on UCF

Frost views UCF fondly and sees potential for the program to become a national power in the future.

Philosophical View on Wins and Losses

Frost emphasized the importance of winning and the nature of luck or skill in achieving those wins, as illustrated by his recounting of notable football moments like the Immaculate Reception.

Post-Nebraska Life

Residing in Arizona

Frost and his family have moved to Arizona, where they are leading a lower-profile life. The move allows him to recharge and think about his next steps.

Speculative and Confirmed Activities

There's speculation that Frost is considering a return to coaching. He remains connected with the coaching community and has been analyzing college football games.

Unverified reports suggest he may have done behind-the-scenes commentary work for media outlets. This is seen as a potential avenue for him to stay close to the game without the stress of coaching.

Frost maintains Twitter and Instagram accounts but is not very active. His lack of direct engagement indicates a desire to move forward rather than dwell on past experiences.

Frost has likely continued his involvement in youth initiatives and non-profit work, aligning with his focus on positivity and leadership principles.

Potential Future Endeavors

It's likely he could re-enter college football, possibly as an assistant or coordinator. Recapturing his UCF success could eventually lead to head coaching opportunities. His offensive background makes him a candidate for NFL coordinator positions, allowing him to reinvent his coaching brand at a higher level.

Broadcasting or Analysis

Frost could also consider an in-studio media role given his football expertise. Such a role would offer him a lower pressure and flexible schedule.

Young Talent Development

He might focus on youth football initiatives or elite prospect development, allowing him to bypass the intense grind of college football coaching.

Legacy and Impact

UCF Success

Frost is known for leading UCF to an undefeated season in 2017, dramatically improving his coaching narrative.

Nebraska Tenure

Frost's tenure as Nebraska's head coach was marked by considerable struggles, compiling a 16-31 record. Despite this, his emotional connection to Nebraska remains strong due to his playing days.

Offensive Acumen

Frost is highly regarded for his offensive schemes and football intellect. His creativity and understanding of the game make him an asset to any coaching staff.

Expert Opinion and Analysis

Frost’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the precarious nature of coaching success. His early success and later struggles provide valuable lessons for his future roles.

Transitioning to media and sports commentary could be an effective way for Frost to leverage his extensive knowledge and charismatic personality, allowing him to stay connected with the sport in a less stressful capacity.

Future Opportunities

Frost’s competitive fire and offensive mind suggest he will return to the football world in some capacity. Whether through coaching or media, his future endeavors remain a point of interest.

At his age, Frost likely has many more chapters left in his football life. His experience and intellect make him a valuable asset to any organization.


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