Where is Samuel Goldberg Now in 2022?

September 7, 2023

Samuel Goldberg now lives in New York City with his wife and two kids. He works as a producer for NBC Sports. He has a degree from Temple University. He was the fiance to schoolteacher Ellen Greenberg who was found dead with 20 stab wounds in her Philadelphia apartment on January 26, 2011. Samuel made a frantic 911 call and was never arrested or charged for her death.

The case has sparked controversy over the police investigation and how a pathologist came to rule the 27-year-old’s death a suicide. The parents of Greenberg have campaigned for 11 years to prove she did not kill herself. They have commissioned images that they say show how unlikely it is that she could have stabbed herself that many times. They have also hired experts from forensic pathologists to blood-splatter specialists, who have all questioned the ruling.

A new hard drive examination by a private expert hired by the family revealed that the initial police search of the phone was incomplete. According to the attorney, the forensic technician who examined the phone did not look for texts or any other information indicating Ellen had considered suicide.

The Greenbergs’ attorney Joseph Podraza says that the latest evidence will lead them to sue the city of Philadelphia, hoping to force the medical examiner to change the cause of death. He is arguing that there is no evidence of self-inflicted stab wounds and that bruises in different stages of healing suggest Ellen was the victim of abuse, not suicide.


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