Where Is Sammy Gravano Now?

November 13, 2023

Sammy Gravano became known as 'Sammy the Bull' after being struck on the head with a metal object at the age of 13. That's when the Brooklyn mobster began his career in crime, starting out with some petty shoplifting. He'd only steal two cupcakes a day from the store near his house, but that didn't stop him from moving on to bigger and better things.

In the 1980s, Gravano climbed up the ranks of the Gambino family, becoming a captain and eventually making it to underboss. But he was caught in a big way when Gotti betrayed him, using a wiretap to describe him as "a mad dog that kills for fun" and implicating him in numerous murders. Gravano agreed to turn state's evidence in exchange for a reduced prison sentence, and the rest is history.

But where is Sammy Gravano now? According to a search of state business records, Gravano and his wife have started a company called Impact Payment Options. The pair are listed as managers of the firm, which appears to be a financial service provider, and they have four children between them.

They've been living fairly openly in Arizona, where they have been photographed at Uncle Sal's restaurant in Scottsdale. The ex-mobster also hosts a weekly podcast and consults on TV shows. He likens the modern Mafia to a one-time industrial powerhouse that has unshackled itself from high-risk enterprises and stripped down to just the basics.


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