Where Is Sal Valentinetti Now 2022?

November 13, 2023

Where Is Sal Valentinetti Now 2022?

Jazz singer/crooner Sal Valentinetti took America’s Got Talent by storm when he appeared on season 11 of the popular talent show. The Long Island native wowed judges and fans alike with his flawless vocals, larger-than-life personality, and modern take on classic Rat Pack era tunes, earning him the coveted Golden Buzzer and millions of online views. Since then, Sal the Voice has performed across the country and around the world in sold out shows, including Madison Square Garden and opening for Jay Leno in Vegas. He’s also returned to AGT a few times, even teaming up with Heidi Klum for a special holiday performance.

Despite his huge success, Sal Valentinetti remains grounded and connected to the local community. The 28-year-old regularly posts heartfelt Instagram messages about his fiance, his family, and their hometown of Bethpage, where he works as a pizza delivery man for his cousin’s restaurant. He’s also made a point to connect with fans on social media, recommending the best cannoli in Brooklyn and reminding his followers of the importance of family and community.

When not on the road, Sal Valentinetti can be found sipping cappuccino at his favorite neighborhood cafes in Brooklyn and Bayshore. He’s also a prolific podcaster, hosting the show Breaking Bread, where he interviews beloved members of the Italian-American community throughout New York City’s five boroughs. But no matter what project he’s working on, you can always bet that Sal will be back to the stage soon with his signature voice and big personality!


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