Where is Rosalie Bolin Now?

March 13, 2024

For the families of Natalie Holley, Teri Lynn Matthews and Stephanie Collins, Rosalie Bolin's alleged ties to the serial killer have been a source of pain and confusion. Bolin met Martinez, who was married to a prominent Tampa attorney and had four children, while working on his cases for the Hillsborough County Public Defender's Office 15 years ago. She left her 17-year marriage, her country club lifestyle and the paralegal job to pursue Bolin. They married over the phone in 1996 — the event was broadcast live on 20/20.

She has stood by him through three murder trials, a 2005 retrial for Matthews's killing and two more retrials for the deaths of Holley and Matthews. But each time a jury has voted to put him to death, higher courts have overturned his convictions due to legal errors. During the first trial, jurors were given testimony from his ex-wife, Cheryl Coby, who testified that Bolin confessed to murdering Matthews and helped her dispose of the body. However, he later recanted his confession to her, saying he had been pressured by her new husband to make it up.

By the time investigators were looking at Bolin for the three bay area slayings, he had already served prison time in Ohio for raping and kidnapping a 20-year-old woman. He and others would assault her, roll her down a highway in a semitrailer truck and let her go along a Pennsylvania highway. An anonymous tip led to his arrest and he was eventually linked to the three bay area women's deaths.


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