Where Is Robin Doan Now?

September 7, 2023

In September of 2005 ten year old Robin Doan was awakened by her mother’s screams while she lay asleep inside her family’s farmhouse in Pampa Texas. An armed intruder broke into the home and killed her mom, step dad and her brother. She managed to survive by playing dead for two hours. The only thing that saved her were the bullets that were fired at her bed which somehow missed her. This documentary revisits that terrifying night by speaking to Robin as well as others involved, viewing archive footage and much more.

Christy Powell, the sister of Michell Conrad, took the stand next and fought back tears as she recalled how great of a woman her sister was and that Robin is one of the strongest people she’s ever met. Christy and her husband have been taking care of Robin since the tragedy and she said she misses her mom and steps dad terribly. She also said that she tries to be the best person for Robin and doesn’t try to fill their shoes because she knows she can never do them justice.

Last but not least, the final witness was Zack Doan’s father Robert Douglas. He spoke about how great of a kid his son was and that he was always trying to help people and would do anything for them. He then talked about how hard it is to live without his wife and children. He then said that he is so proud of his daughter Robin and that she is very intelligent and caring.


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