Where is Rielle Hunter Now?

September 7, 2023

When John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter blew up into the national scandal of the day in 2008, it shocked the nation. The one-time Democratic presidential candidate was accused of cheating on his ill-healthy wife Elizabeth, who was battling breast cancer. The ensuing scandal sunk his political career and he ultimately lost the election.

Hunter was a videographer who worked for Edwards during his campaign. She had been hired to make a documentary, but she and Edwards quickly became romantically involved. Hunter later gave birth to his child with him, Frances Quinn, while Edwards was still a senator and a candidate for the presidency.

In her new book, titled What Really Happened, Hunter reveals that she was not the first mistress of the former North Carolina senator and two-time presidential candidate. She claims that he had numerous affairs with women throughout his life, and he kept them secret from his wife. She also trashes Elizabeth, whom she says was a "crazy witch on wheels" who regularly yelled at her husband, fired his staffers, and was wild with jealousy over her own lover's many affairs.

Hunter recently appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her new book and to promote her children's book, Howie Do It. She also discussed her newest venture: Real Rielle, her YouTube channel. The channel features a Stefon-like mix of kitchen cleaning, black chokers, and Norma Kamali with some '80s techno sprinkled in for good measure.


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