Where is Richard Pasma Today?

January 26, 2024

COLFAX, Wash. - The man accused of leaving his former girlfriend for dead along a rural Whitman County road last fall made his first appearance in court Friday morning. Richard Pasma, 24, did not enter a plea but was arraigned on felony hit and run charges.

Earlier this month, Grindley regained some of her memories from the night she was found unconscious and near death on Pullman-Albion Road in November 2009. She said she remembers trying to get into Pasma's truck that night and he told police he saw her fall out. Prosecutors argued that if she fell out of his truck he should have alerted medical authorities.

The defense argues that Grindley was intoxicated and in an obsessive moment climbed into the back of his truck and fell out, without his knowledge. It also argues that she is to blame for her own injuries and should have known to keep away from his truck.

In an exclusive interview with KREM 2 News, Grindley says she believes Pasma is to blame for what happened that night. She is still in a lot of pain from the incident and hopes to one day regain her driver's license. Grindley's mom says her daughter has made a lot of progress since the accident and that her recovery is "slow but steady." The hit show Dateline will look into the case of Kristen Grindley and her ex-boyfriend in an upcoming episode called The Mystery on Albion Road.


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