Where Is Rich Boy Now?

March 13, 2024

Until recently, Mobile rapper Rich Boy was still a local favorite thanks to his 2006 hit "Throw Some D's." The track put him among the few local artists to score a Top 10 record, and his debut album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

But since then, the rapper — born Marece Benjamin Richards — has had some bumps in the road. Earlier this month, he was arrested on domestic violence charges, sparking concern from some in the community about his well-being.

Now, he appears to be doing better: At the mall, Rich Boy is in good spirits and seems more mindful of his financial situation than he used to be. He also has a new sound. He's teamed up with Boombox Cartel, a young EDM duo that specializes in bludgeoning trap beats and crowd-pleasing remixes.

On their collaboration, Rich Boy raps about his new rims and his lime green Caddy over a smooth, soulful beat produced by Polow da Don. The producer's crisp production and Rich Boy's pristine, dense drawl make the song a bouncy anthem to hustler success.

But the song is just a small window into where rich boy now. He released the mixtape Back To Class in 2012 and his follow-up studio album Break The Pot in April 2013. Neither went on to chart, and Rich Boy hasn't been as active as he once was. Nevertheless, he remains a popular figure in the local hip hop scene, with thousands of followers on social media.


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