Where is Randy Quaid Now in 2022?

September 6, 2023

Actor Randy Quaid is one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, but he hasn't been very visible lately. He's been staying under the radar since he and his wife Evi got into some legal trouble a few years ago. But he has been active on social media, where he's been sharing conspiracy theories and MAGA political talking points.

He's famous for his roles as Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon Vacation movies and Russell Casse in Independence Day, but he also has a long list of other film credits. He's received Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe nominations for his work, and he's won an Emmy award for A Streetcar Named Desire. He has a number of other TV appearances to his credit as well, including Home on the Range and Cold Dog Soup.

Quaid and his wife had been living in Canada, where they'd both been granted citizenship. But they tried to return to the US in 2015 and were arrested at the border. They were each held on $500,000 bail and have not been charged in California.

It seems like the couple is now residing in Vermont, where Evi grew up. They're staying under the radar, but Quaid did have a minor acting role in 2018's All You Can Eat. He hasn't been acting on screen for a while now, though — his last movie was 2009's straight-to-video flick Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach. His most recent TV appearance was on an episode of the TV show Breaking Bad in 2021.


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