Where is Rachel Buffett Now in 2022?

April 25, 2024

Rachel Buffett is the girlfriend of Daniel Wozniak who is on death row for murdering his neighbors Sam Herr and Juri Kibuishi. She has been charged with accessory after the fact to the murders and will face a long jail sentence if she is found guilty.

Rachel is a California native who grew up in the coastal cities of Seal Beach and Long Beach, where she worked as a community theater actress and Disneyland princess. She met Daniel when the two were working on a play together, and the couple quickly fell in love. They even started planning an extravagant wedding to celebrate their engagement, only to see their plans crushed when Daniel was arrested for murdering the pair.

In a bar several years after the handgun killings of Sam and Julie, as her malleable ex-fiance waited in jail fearing he would land on San Quentin’s death row, Rachel Buffett – a former Disney princess obsessed with penis sizes and Jesus – made a shocking confession to cops. The resulting saga landed her in prison for more than four years and has since captured the nation’s attention.

During the trial, prosecutors allege that Buffett helped her ex cover up his crimes by lying to police about the murders and even going on national television shows like Dr. Phil and Dateline NBC to proclaim her innocence. She is a convicted felon and faces up to 44 months in prison if she is found guilty of accessory after the fact, but her lawyer says that she is not responsible for the murders because she had no knowledge of the crime until after the murders took place.

David Sunnyside


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