Where is Pedro Quezada Now 2022?

January 26, 2024

PATERSON — Pedro Quezada, the 49-year-old winner of a $338 million Powerball jackpot in 2013, was arrested on Monday and charged with sexually assaulting a girl. The Passaic County prosecutor said that Quezada tortured the young girl for three years, starting when she was 11. He allegedly assaulted her at his home in Passaic, where he lived with his wife and their two children.

The couple owned a small grocery store, called Apple Deli Grocery, in a barrio obrero of the city near Manhattan. Its customers were mostly working-class Dominicans, like Quezada. They were not wealthy, but they lived comfortably. They did not have much debt and were able to afford nice cars, vacations and a house.

But the family’s life was not without its bumps. Quezada was sued for unpaid child support by his ex-girlfriend, Inez Sanchez. She claimed he owed her more than $29,000, per the U.S. Sun. He also was sued by a contractor who said he did not pay for home renovations. He paid up to settle the case.

The New Jersey lottery spokesman says Quezada still owes about $141 a week until he can petition the court to have his child-support payments reduced or stopped. He is free on $100,000 bail and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and stay in his home, only traveling to his lawyers’ and financial advisers’ offices. His lawyer says he hopes to resolve the matter soon. Quezada’s niece, Elaina, told the paper that she was stunned by her uncle’s arrest and he had always wanted to meet her children.


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