Where is Pedro Lopez Now?

September 7, 2023

After he was brutally gang-raped while in prison, Pedro Lopez took matters into his own hands. He made a shiv and began hunting down those that had wronged him to murder them. He continued his killing ways after he was released from jail, targeting young indigenous girls and strangling them to death. He then practiced necrophilia on their lifeless bodies. This was his modus operandi until he was captured by a native tribe in Ayacucho, Peru. The tribe was preparing to kill him, but an American missionary managed to convince them not to and turn him over to police.

After his capture, Lopez admitted to killing 110 young girls across Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. He also led authorities to a mass burial site where they discovered the graves of 53 victims. However, the actual number of victims he killed could be much higher. Many serial killers tend to exaggerate their victim count.

Following his conviction in 1995, Lopez was sentenced to spend the remainder of his life in a psychiatric wing of a hospital in Bogota. He was released in 1998 and he never returned to prison. He is one of the world’s most notorious serial killers and it is not known what his whereabouts are today. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest after he committed another murder that closely resembled his MO, but it is not clear if he will be arrested again. If you want to learn more about this serial killer, check out our article on where is pedro lopez now.


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