Where is Paul Bonacci Now?

July 10, 2023

Paul Bonacci, who is serving time for molesting a cousin, claims he was kidnapped as a teenager and forced to participate in a child-sex trafficking ring. The 24-year-old is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, which he says is a result of being tortured by his captors. He has been denied parole four times, but now a former state senator wants an Iowa board to allow him to go home.

John DeCamp, a Democrat, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bonacci, alleging that King and other named defendants operated a kidnapping and child-sex ring in Omaha. In the suit, which seeks monetary damages, Bonacci said the defendants forced him to prostitute children to their wealthy friends, fly them to Chicago, New York and Washington for pedophilic orgies and give them drugs.

The alleged victims included department store billionaire Alan Baer, Washington lobbyist Craig Spence and celebrity World Herald newspaper columnist Peter Citron. According to Bonacci, the victims were also sex slaves for King, who would take them to parties and use his private jet to get them around. The boys were often given cocaine, he claimed.

Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother, believes Bonacci is telling the truth about his plight as a victim of the gang that allegedly kidnapped her son. She has urged Iowa authorities to interview him.


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