Where is Pam Cocker Now?

September 7, 2023

After releasing the album Fire It Up in 2012, Cocker went on a European tour. He was a fan favorite in Germany, performing 25 shows there alone. He played his last show at the Loreley Open Air Theatre in Sankt Goarshausen on 7 September 2013. Cocker had a 43-year career, releasing 22 albums and recording songs that became hits worldwide.

Cocker had a large voice with impressive range and used it to great effect, singing from the heart and making his music memorable. He was also a skilled pianist and drummer, but his voice was the focus of his performances. Cocker’s version of the Beatles song “With a Little Help from My Friends” made him a star.

Despite his fame, Cocker struggled with substance abuse and often performed in a haze, unable to remember his hits. He credited his wife Pam Baker for keeping him on the straight and narrow. Cocker died of lung cancer in 2014, at his home in the small Colorado town of Crawford.

The 240-acre estate is surrounded by evergreen forests and includes a seven-stall barn, a vegetable garden where Cocker grew tomatoes, and farm equipment. It is being auctioned off Sept. 1, with the proceeds benefitting a local charity. The sale is being conducted by Supreme Auctions. The property will be sold unfurnished, except for a snooker table in the billiard room. A collection of Cocker’s memorabilia is also being auctioned. It includes a guitar signed by Cocker and photos of the late singer with various artists.


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