Where is Natasha From MasterChef Now?

November 11, 2023

When Natasha was on MasterChef she was a sweet, bubbly and fun girl but on the inside, she was rude and cocky. Throughout the show she was often argumentative, arrogant and nasty towards most of her competitors. She took the competition very seriously and didn’t appreciate other people’s opinions. She was also known to lash out at others and take offence at the most insignificant comments.

In the Team Challenge, the chefs are tasked with creating dishes to serve at a wedding reception. The teams are divided into Blue and Red. The teams are then given a list of ingredients the bride dislikes and must cook two stunning dishes using those ingredients. Blue Team captain James chooses Lynn, Jessie, Jonny, Luca and Bri to be on his team. While Red Team captain Natasha chooses Eddie, Jordan, Savannah and Krissi to be on her team.

During the challenge, Natasha cooked a seared ribeye with sweet potato fries and roasted cauliflower with three different sauces. She was not seen during the rest of the episode but her dish was well received by the judges.

After the show, Sasha went on America’s Got Talent to further her singing career and has appeared on a few cookery segments. She has also done a number of pop up dining experiences. Beth Kirby used her MasterChef experience to start a food blog and teach cookery classes. She has now shifted her focus and currently gives business advice. Bime Cruz has worked as a chef at Hillstone Restaurants and The Foundry. He has also been the head chef at Cibo Matto Caffe in Newport. Jordan is a full time head chef at Wooden Hill Brewing. He has also worked at R+D Kitchen Newport and was a car detailer before his MasterChef appearance.


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