Where Is Mya From Dr Phil Now?

November 17, 2023

Where Is Mya From Dr Phil Now?

A social media influencer who faces backlash for a video of her making fun of an alleged cancer patient appears to be taking pride in her racist tirade, according to recent TikTok videos. Playmate Tessi, who has less than 700 followers on Twitter and 913 followers on her 1-week-old Instagram account, has posted a series of videos in which she reportedly reads comments from users and says things like, "You're fucking poor" and, "Cancer is so pathetic, it's fucking funny."

Tessi claims that she was just joking with the cancer patient in the Omegle video and she wasn't racist. However, the social media platforms have taken action against her and are deleting her accounts.

Family of missing mother shares new details

SAN DIEGO -- The sister and brother-in-law of missing Chula Vista mother Maya Millete appear on this week's episode of Dr. Phil to reveal new details in her disappearance. Their attorney, Billy Little, tells Dr. Phil that on the night of Maya's disappearance, he noticed a hole in one of the doors at the house and that the hole was patched the next day.

Also on this week's show, a woman claims that her son's catfishing behavior is tearing their family apart. Plus, a man says his mother is sabotaging her inheritance. And, a mother and daughter say they are fed up with people who can't keep their business to themselves.


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