Where is Mitchelle Blair Now?

September 7, 2023

The Detroit mother who killed two of her children, stuffed them in a freezer and hid them there for years is still living in prison and she's now facing even more time behind bars. Mitchelle Blair appeared in court Friday morning where she showed no signs of remorse for her crimes. She also pleaded guilty to assaulting a prison worker.

She was already serving two life sentences for brutally killing her son and daughter and stuffing their bodies in a freezer. She has a sentence of 38 months to five years added on now for assaulting a prison employee.

Blair admitted to the murders of Stoni Ann and Stephen Gage Berry, both nine, in 2015 after claiming that they were abusing her youngest son. She starved them to death as punishment, and she later discovered that her daughter Stoni had been sexually abusing her son so she killed her and placed her body in the freezer.

Before she was arrested for the unthinkable crime, family members recall that Blair was struggling to make ends meet on the east side of Detroit and frequently reached out to her relatives for money. They told her to find a job and to go back to school, but she apparently disregarded their advice.

When a crew was sent to her home on March 24, 2015 to evict her for failing to pay her rent, she wasn't there. The crew found the children's bodies inside the freezer. She was eventually charged with first-degree murder and is now serving a life sentence at Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Michigan. Her spine-chilling story is explored on Investigation Discovery's new true crime series Evil Lives Here.


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