Where is Michael Rotondo Now 2022?

November 11, 2023

When 30-year-old Michael Rotondo was evicted from his parents’ house by a court judge, the story became a national sensation and gave grumpy Baby Boomer uncles more fodder for their family barbecue diatribes about millennials. It also put a spotlight on his parents, Christina and Mark, who had spent months trying to get their son to leave their Camillus, New York, home and said he refused to contribute to the household expenses, help with chores or even move his broken-down car off the property, CNY Central reports.

The couple finally took their son to court, and the judge agreed that he needed to move out, but ruled that he could stay until he found his own place. But just hours before his high noon deadline to vacate, he returned to the house and said he needed more time to pack up his belongings. He also claimed that his father was keeping a few items from him, including an etching valued at several thousand dollars, and called the police to report his parents to the city.

This isn’t the first time he’s taken matters into his own hands. He has filed a number of Supreme Court petitions in an effort to overturn a magistrate’s ruling that he needs to pay $400 a week for child support, but he hasn’t been successful so far. He has also wrestled on sporadic occasions for WWE and made a guest appearance as Irwin R. Schyster on Raw as a part of the Raw Legends Night in January 2021.


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